Friday, April 13, 2007

T-Rex is a Chicken

Scientists have longed theorized that birds are linked to dinosaurs. I remember watching a documentary featuring my favourite paleontologist Jack Horner many years ago that says modern birds evolved from the mighty and fierce T-Rex. Back then, my neighbour had a pet canary. Armed with my new found knowledge, I would go over to her place often and asked her, "How's your T-Rex today?" Now, scientists working on a T-Rex bone have found that T-Rex is indeed closely related to birds, well chickens to be precise. From Scientific American:
"When you look at these set[s] of sequences, they, as a whole set, have the closest similarity to [those of a] chicken, which would support the previous reports that birds evolved from dinosaurs or are closely related at least."

Of the seven sequences, three matched collagen peptide scripts from chickens, one matched a frog and another matched a salamander; the other two matched multiple organisms, including chickens and salamanders.
So next time, think twice before you call someone "chicken" for being a coward aye and remember when you eat your KFC, you are actually eating T-Rex. Yummy.

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Anonymous said...

IZ:T-Rex is a Chicken,

IZ: ... and remember when you eat your KFC, you are actually eating T-Rex. Yummy

[another meaning is a 'tyrant LIZARD' from d Greek]. arrrhh @@```

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