Nude Font

Nude Font
Rowland Scherman's Love Letters is the first photographic freestanding human typeface ever. I wish I have some fonts like this in my Photoshop. From Typographica:
I tried for a while to make a coffee table-type book out of it. New York publishers were afraid that the pubes and the Z might offend someone. This was in 1975. Japanese publishers couldn’t do it either because of the pubic hair.

Later I had a slide show in a gallery in ALABAMA in 1979 and no one so much as complained. Teachers even brought their 3rd grade students to see it.

Love Letters was also shown at the Arnol-Fini Gallery in Bristol and at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. Then the chromes sat in a closet for a decade or so. When I learned the rudiments of Photoshop, I did what would have been prohibitive in analog photography days and started making the typeface useable: spelling out greetings, making an eye chart, etc.


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