Saturday, April 14, 2007

Junk mail in Singapore now comes in CD cases too huh

Yesterday, when I opened my mail box, I saw a CD case lying above a couple of my other mails. A CD! Could it be that Guns N Roses finally sent me their new Chinese Democracy album to preview? Ha! Too bad, it's not the album that I've been waiting for. It's only a CD case by Singtel promoting the latest Sony Ericsson W880i Walkman phone. Bleh!

Sintel Junk Mail CD Case

Singtel Junk Mail CD Case

Inside the CD case, there's a black paper CD that you can remove from the case and bring to any hello! Store or Singtel exclusive retailer to enjoy a $200 off the price of a new W880i that comes with free portable speakers.

Now, this looks like a clever and creative marketing idea by Singtel and I'm sure the $200 off promotion for the new Walkman phone is great too, but we've already been swarmed by lots of paper junk mail everyday, I don't think we need CD cases to add to our junk mail aye.

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