Monday, April 23, 2007

Boy taunts crocs then gets eaten by them

Apparently, this boy did not read my advice. From Times Online:
The nine-year-old, whose family name was given as Liu, and three friends sneaked into the crocodile park at the Silver Beach holiday resort at Beihai in the southwestern Guangxi region on Friday.

The children shot at the animals with catapults and beat them with sticks.

The official Xinhua news agency said: “One of the irritated crocodiles bit Liu’s clothes and dragged him into the water where he was eaten by a swarm of crocodiles.” His companions then raised the alarm.
Remember kids, be nice to animals. Don't shoot them with catapults or beat them with sticks ok, especially if they are crocodiles and listen to my safety tips!


Anonymous said...

Serve him right liao. Who ask him to disturb the crocodiles.

Anonymous said...

When you play with fire, you will get burnt. When you play with crocodiles, you will get eaten up.

Anonymous said...

No one deserves to be eaten up by crocs but I guess the boy deserves it for intimidating them.

Anonymous said...

Tragic that a child paid with his life for others to learn a lesson. If it bit only his leg, he would never mess with crocs again.

In the US zoos are not designed to keep the animals in, but to keep the people out.

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