Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bring Your Own Bag Day

Yesterday, the first Bring Your Own Bag Day (BYOBD) in Singapore kicked off to an encouraging start. BYOBD is an initiative by the National Environment Agency to encourage more Singaporeans to bring their own bags when they shop. From NEA:
At Carrefour, Suntec, one of the participating retailers, some shoppers came with their own bags. Many who did not have one bought them on the spot from cashiers who eagerly prompted them to do so. At the Parkway Parade Giant outlet, the response to the campaign, which is part of the 'Why waste plastic bags? Use plastic bags' campaign launched in Feb last year, was so overwhelming that the reusable bags were sold out by mid day and new stock had to be brought in. Likewise, shoppers were seen bringing their own bags at the Marine Parade NTUC FairPrice.

Said NEA Chief Executive Officer Mr Lee Yuen Hee who checked out the malls at lunchtime, 'We are very encouraged by the positive response to the campaign. More people are taking interest in environmental issues.”

'This is a small but important step. We hope that bringing your own shopping bag will become a trend one day. And our message to those who need the checkout bags for their purchases is, take only what you need and reuse them whenever possible.'
Don't forget from now on, every first Wednesday of the month will be a designated BYOBD.

(Thanks pinkdior)

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Anonymous said...

But for those us who want to reuse those plastic bags - to line trash cans at home, this is not good... then i have to go buy plastic bags (garbage) bags, so it's still the same... most people I know reuse plastic bags... anyone wants to donate their stash to me? ;P Jolie

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