Thursday, April 12, 2007

So NO to Pay Hike online petition

Over at the Say NO to Pay Hike for Singapore Ministers online petition, you can voice your disapproval to the Prime Minister regarding the increased pay hike to ministers and civil servants. I doubt this will make any difference at all (don't think PM Lee reads online petitions) but it's worth reading some of the comments left by the signatories which number more than 1900 so far. Here are some worthy comments that I picked out from the online petition.

Majere Sim: The benchmarking for the pay is wrong. Since we all know that the rich will get richer, pegging your pay to the highest paid pple will only see your pay going up and NEVER coming down. Please dun treat the money/taxes you collected from us singapore as your private bank.

Singaporean: To PM Lee, if you are really sincere in donating to charity, you should not even have agreed to this pay hike in the first place. Now you say you are donating your 5 yrs increment to charity, what are you taking us as ? Gullible little children that will buy your lies after accepting your sweets ???

cryptixx: there's a tagline in the spider-man movies: "with great power comes great responsibility". i'm sure our government wield far greater power and authority as compared to spidey. shouldn't they then be more responsible and not be guilty of creating a wider gap between the richest and the average and poorest of the nation?? it's ok to be rich and richer through your own means via your business, investments, shares, etc but not when it is at the expense of all us tax payers out there!!

tng: While I may not fully disagree with the pay rise, my stand is that the pay increment should not be such a hefty sum and it should be progressive payout similar to that of our compensation payout to Singaporeans due to the additional 2% GST hike. Moreover, while we agree to reward appropriately the ministers for a job well-done, ministers should be reminded that their objective of becoming a MP should be a passion to serve the people of Singapore and the nation, not out of profitability.

Goh Teng Soon: All Singaporeans, I urge you to remember this event when the next GENERAL ELECTIONS come. Do remind yourselves how much of our money has been sucked into the Minister's pockets. Our hard-earned blood money funds the elite group of Ministers who enjoy the greatest luxuries at our expense while us common folk suffer with joblessness and miserly incomes. Slowly but surely, all the basic needs like education, health services, transport and utilities have all been privatised. Why aren't our taxes going into funding these necessities? Is this a government worth voting in for ? Think doubly hard before putting your vote.

Fuming Average Singaporeans: The Singapore Whole Cabinet has lost the moral authority to govern with this obscene increase in Ministerial salaries under the guise of civil service pay adjustments – it should be 60% for the lowest rung and not for them. If Durai’s $600,000 is peanuts, then the ministerial (a Minister is one who serve and not one who robs) pay of $3 million, courtesy of tax payer money, is criminal – day light robbery. No amount of donations back is going to help. Only the reversal of this stupid policy edged on by the now senile previously much respected MM, would reduce the folly. To cut costs now infact , one PM is enough, omit the MM, SM and also the President. The Speaker can stand in for the President. Ministerial Power mixed with Obscenely Guinness Book High Pay is legalised Corruption.

Lily Tan: Continue the pay hike all you want. This will prove your integrity and moral values to us. Do you think we will be SO STUPID to give you any vote so that you can jolly well continue getting your big FAT cheques to finance your luxurious life and businesses. In actual fact, you and your ministers also own businesses that have been competiting with the private sector - So you are NOT serving or working for our country FULL-TIME. I honestly more utterly disappointed with the 60% fools who cannot see all this, especially Ho Ching (PM Lee's wife) squandering away most of our reserves and taxes in starting incompetent companies as well as futile overseas investments including ShinCorp...Only our late brave and upright President Ong Teng Cheong is brave to question the Lee and his ministers about Singapore's reserve. Soon after, President Ong Teng Cheong stepped down as president, very ironic this happened soon after he tried to inquisition into our reserves.

Now everyone wants to be PM in Singapore
Singapore ministers get million dollar pay hike


The Oriental Express said...

Aiyoyo! All political philosphies begin with good ideals and intentions. Outwardly it is always, "I love my country", (Wo ai guo) but inwardly the actions always prove that is is always "I love myself" (wo ai zhi zi).

This is the fallen nature of man. Jack Neo's movie has proven "$$ not enough" and will never be enough. Because man's wants can never be satiated.

Anonymous said...

Money cannot buy loyalty, passion and commitment. It's from the heart and wanting to do something constructive to better the lives of their fellow citizens. Quite frankly, history would not look kindly on these ministers - they are "paid administrators" - and please do not call them "politicians".
Singapore is now divided between the "elites" and others. In times of trouble, I wonder how many Singaporeans would stay and fight for these "elites" and their money?? I won't ... probably I would sail to Vietnam under "refugee status".

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that our government can be such utter idiots. For those who support the pay increase - just think for a moment, has the government done that much to help the poor and needy, those who earns so little they can hardly get by? They haven't. All we know are people in our rich circle, with a comfortable income, flashy cars and dinners at Holland Village. But hey, there is a world out there, with families who have to skip dinner because they can't afford to pay their electricity bills. But is our govt doing anything? Nada.
I'm glad I'm not paying taxes to add to their disgusting fat pay cheques. Lee Kuan Yew - wake up from that dream of yours. You think you're like a God, you think we Singaporeans owe our lives to you. Well, guess what. Our lives are ours. We don't give a hoot about you. We make our choices, and we have left Singapore because of idiots like you.

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