Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Japanese jellyfish cookies selling like hot cakes!

These Ekura-chan cookies, made of Echizen kurage jellyfish, are a huge hit in Japan. So far more than 20,000 Ekura-chan cookies have been sold since they debuted last October. These cookies are the brainchild of students from a Japanese fisheries school. They turned jellyfish essence into a baking powder that is used to make the cookies. Customers love them, saying they taste great. Hmmm,I don't know about that but I love the packaging and the cute jellyfish imprinted on the cookies. And I'm pretty sure they need not worry about running out of Echizen kurage jellyfish to make the cookies. These jellyfish love to invade Japan.


Anonymous said...

Number 1!!!

Anonymous said...

looks good but I prefer these wasp biscuits from Japan

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