Friday, April 20, 2007

Indonesian among the dead at Virginia Tech

A student from Indonesia was among those who died at the Virginia Tech shooting carnage. From The Chronicle:
Partahi M.H. Lumbantoruan worked hard all his life — first to get to Virginia Tech from his home in Indonesia, and then in hopes of returning to teach there.

The son of a mid-level officer in the Indonesian army, Mr. Lumbantoruan, 34, was a dedicated student and a caring friend. Known as “Mora” around the civil-engineering department, he was a quiet man who spent more time in the library than in the bars. A fellow student in the department, Soonkie Nam, describes him as shy...

On the day he was killed, Mr. Lumbantoruan was in an advanced hydraulics class. When he was shot, his adviser says, he had laid himself over another student, protecting that person from gunfire.
CNN also has his profile here.

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He is Cho Seng Hui

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