Sunday, April 08, 2007

Malaysia Tourism Board is dissapointing

Here's an advice for those of you working in your country's tourism board. If you want to invite journalists from all over the world to attend an event in your country, make sure you don't frustrate them or else they will blog about it and make your country look stupid. From Maverick Indonesia:
Being invited by the Malaysia Tourism Board, I had a high expectation that it would be a fun and easy trip, in the sense of we would get easy access to explore interesting places in the country. However, it surprised me that in most of the places written on the itinerary, we couldn’t shoot anything! Actually, when we just arrived at the hotel, the first thing I asked to the Senior Tourism Officer of Malaysia Tourism Board was a simple letter stating that they invited SCTV to come to promote the country for Visit Malaysia 2007, in case we needed it. But, to write such letter, the officer said that they needed two weeks time! Geezz.. Why does it take so long to write a simple letter? I understand bureaucracy might be complicated, but couldn’t they make it simpler to ease the work of the journalists?

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