Friday, May 25, 2007

30 clips to celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary

Star Wars turns 30 today, so what better way to celebrate the occasion than to search everyone's favourite video site YouTube, for the best/funniest/coolest Star Wars videos. I selected these 30 clips and they are listed below in no particular order. Pardon me if your favourite clip is not here aye. Enjoy and may the force be with you. Always.

Here are the 30 clips to celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary:

1) The Star Wars Kid - Dude used a golf stick to show off his Darth Maul moves. Clip became a hit and made him into a star.

2) Star Wars kid meets Obi Wan, Luke and C3PO - The Star Wars Kid again this time in a Star Wars: New Hope scene. Watch out for the look on Obi Wan's and Luke's faces. Brilliant!

3) Chad Vader - The first episode where we get to meet Darth "Chad" Vader who works as a Day Shift Manager.

4) Star Wars Crystal Maze - A version of Channel 4's legendary gameshow recreated with Star Wars figures

5) Troops - Star Wars meets COPS. Follow the Stormtroopers in their daily work of ensuring law and order. Everybody sing! Bad boys, bad boys...

6) Star Wars Episode 3 and 1/2 - Darth Vader takes his first official post: Guard Duty!

7) The Star Wars Orchestra - Darth Vader as conductor!

8) What really happened after the Death Star blew up - Emperor Palpatine gets worked up when he receives a call from Darth Vader informing him that the Death Star has been blown up.

9) Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick - Lego Star Wars!

10) Star Wars Lego Edition Episode IV - Dude compiles sound bites and images from Google searches and create the Star Wars movies entirely from "found" resources on the internet.

11) Star Wars Help Desk - Tech support the Star Wars way.

12) Star Wars : The Han Solo Affair - Another Lego magic!

13) Star Wars Shortened - The whole of star wars shown inside 20 minutes. Here's part 2.

14) Star Wars in 3 minutes - Made with action figures and cool effects.

15) Star Wars : The Unknown Discovery - A cross between star wars and pulp fiction.

16) Star Wars Lightsaber Tribute - A montage of all six Star Wars films lightsaber fights.

17) Star Wars: TD9993 the movie - Sandtrooper TD9993 is in search of a killer on the harsh planet of Tatooine. Filmed completely in stop motion using Star Wars figures.

18) Vader Sessions - Darth Vader has a nervous breakdown.

19)Star Wars VI: Return Of The Jedi Extended Scene - The truth that was too hard for Luke to swallow.

20) Obi Wan buys a used car - Obi Wan Kenobi is looking for a used car.

21) Star Wars: A New Hope Extended Scene - The part where Luke receives his lightsaber.

22) Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Extended Scene - The frozen plains of Hoth weren't the only thing Luke was trying to escape.

23) Star Wars Phantom Menace - Spoof made by the Brits!

24) The Emperor looks for a new job - After the defeat of the Empire at Endor, the Emperor has decided to seek a new line of work.

25) Darth Vader vs Jap policemen - Darth Vader uses the force to scare some Japanese policemen.

26) Star Wars Dark ressurection - Trailer for an Italian made fan film.

27) Star Wars: A Very New Hope - 1993 spoof was originally a competition entry run by CVG Computer and Video Games Magazine.

28) Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback - Star Wars meets Brokeback Mountain.

29) Star Wars Gangsta Rap - Darth Vader and Emperor entertains us with a rap.

30) Star Trek vs Star Wars - What would happen if the starship Enterprise encountered the Death Star?


Miss Cellania said...

My contribution to the anniversary is an article where a dozen writers share their memories of the first time they saw Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

you should find the original on which that rap version is based.
(the first version is licensed or something)

Unknown said...

You forgot the original clip of all clips -- Asciimation Star Wars!

Anonymous said...

You've just made thousands of fanboys happy.

Anonymous said...

this awesome...


Anonymous said...

vader looks like a poor thing - he's cute!

Anonymous said...

Star Wars older than me liao!

Anonymous said...

Dude, this made it to Slashdot and a lot of other places.


Anonymous said...

nice list, but how could you leave out the ascii starwars and thumb wars!?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff IZ. May the force be with you.

JackFrost said...

Check this out

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff! I had some of them on my russian star wars web site but here you get most full collection!

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