Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sex in space is important for future space travel

Wired has an interesting story about the uncomfortable reality of sex in space. From Wired:
Yet as humans begin to spend more time in space and to travel further from Earth, space agencies will need to factor sex into their equations.

"We will have to address crew compatibility, sexuality issues, whether there is a necessity for sexual activity," says David Steitz, NASA senior public affairs officer.

He had the grace to laugh when I interrupted with a "Hell, yeah!"

But I was serious, too. We cannot expect astronauts to spend three years in a spacecraft and not have sex -- of some kind. Probably with each other, and likely in more than one combination.

Sex in space presents a number of challenges beyond tangible matters like zero gravity or awkward enclosures. In fact, the physics should be the least of NASA's concerns.
Do we need sex in space? Hell yeah, yes! I've always wanted to be an astronaut but I'm not going to let them strap me in a rocket to blast of into space for years and not have errm, sex aye. I think this an important issue for those people who plan future space missions. And if humans are to look beyond Earth for the future of our species, then sex in space has to be discussed. Think of the possibilities. Ha! Btw, NASA if you're reading this, I will volunteer for any sex in space test mission.

(Thanks xXx)

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