Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Angry Chinese villagers fight back

In Singapore, we have a government who is trying all sorts of ways to encourage more people to have babies but it's a different story in China where having too many babies will result in fines. This has made some Chinese very angry. For example, thousands of villagers have rioted in south-western China after officials carrying out China's controversial family planning policy, imposed heavy fines on families who had too many children. From BBC:
Angry villagers targeted several local government offices in Shapi township in Guangxi, setting fires and destroying public property, local residents were quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

At least one person was injured in clashes after riot police were called in, Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily News newspaper said.

"The farmers were really angry because the family planning team was going around to homes and making farmers pay fines if they had too many kids," one local resident told AFP.

"If the farmers had no money they took things from them," the resident said.


Glacier Topaz said...

Gosh, what else does their government expect these people to do since satellite TV is banned?
Qns: A lot of time + nothing to watch on TV = ?
Ans: Make babies lah...

Anonymous said...

Spot on! Make babies!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI guys, Glacier Topaz is cute.

Anonymous said...

What is needed is proper education not fines.

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