Monday, May 21, 2007

Kit Kat from Japan

Look at what I received all the way from Japan - Kit Kat!!!

Here are two pics taken with my new LG Shine phone. It has a damn good camera you know! Anyway, back to the Kit Kat.

These two have different cocoa content.

And my favourite...

Kit Kat Brandy & Orange!

That's 1% alcohol. Not enough for me (it's never enough!) but what the heck, I love Kit Kat!

(Thanks a lot Yoko)


Mr Big said...

Yoko is hot!

xXx said...

Yoko! Oh Yoko! I want Yoko!

Myra Leong said...

Oh you love Kit Kat? Me too. Pity the Kit Kats available here are not of many variety.

Shy said...

She's pretty IZ!

Bengster said...

I also want Jap babe to send me Kit Kat liao!!!!