Sunday, May 13, 2007

How to be a Pirate

Author Steve H. Graham is publishing chapters from his unpublished book "How To Be A Pirate" on his blog. From Steve H. Graham:
Last year, a publisher and my agent told me pirates were HOT and that I needed to write a funny book about them. They couldn’t WAIT to get a contract signed and publish it. So I wrote a bunch of stuff, and they loved it. And then the publisher decided not to publish it, and my agent said I should hold onto it because another publisher might want it, and well, it’s April of 2007, and it’s pretty obvious that the project is dead. Which is too bad, because I wrote a pile of stuff, and I also wasted the time of talented cartoonist Chris Muir, who did some illustrations on spec.

I’m busy this week, so I haven’t written my usual Thursday column, and I don’t want my readers to feel neglected. So I have decided to put the pirate stuff on my site. Today I’m publishing the first two chapters: the introduction and a survey of pirate fashion. I’ll put the rest up in the weeks to come.
Well Steve, pirates are still hot you know, or least I think they will be hot again when Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 is out in the cinemas. Steve's book sounds interesting but for those of you who really want look like a pirate like the sexy Captain Jack Sparrow, here's an easy way.

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