Monday, May 14, 2007

To the guy who had sex infront of my house last night

No, no! I did not see any guy having sex infront of my house last night. Maybe just some cats. Hehe. But this user on Craiglist did. From Craiglist:
DO NOT boff some girl in said car in front of my house, parked illegally on my street, under a freakin street lamp. This is college town, did you think no one would see? I mean seriously dude. If you were that horny, perhaps you should have moved to the backseat – that would have prevented repeated honking of the horn. I would have never even known what was going on if my walls weren’t so thin and the honking so regular (my god who goes on like that for well over an hour on a well lit street in front of a stranger’s house?).

I don’t really care if you have to have sex in your car because you still live at home with mom and dad, I just want to enjoy a peaceful honk-free evening in the serenity of my own home. I do hope you understand this.

(Thanks xXx)

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