SMS hoax circulating in Singapore

Some of you may have received this sms from Gleneagles Hospital about a few women who died after inhaling free samples of perfume mailed to them. This sms is a hoax. Phew. You can continue inhaling free perfume. From
It went further to say that the government was keeping the matter under wraps to avoid panic.

938LIVE contacted Parkway Hospitals in Singapore, which manages Gleneagles Hospital.

It said there have been no such incidents at the hospital, stressing that the hospital was not the source of the SMS.

The SMS was also spun-off from a hoax email that originated 3 to 4 years ago, with similar claims about women dying from inhalation of poisonous perfumes.

The originator of the hoax email is believed to be a former disgruntled staff of Gleneagles, though there’s no evidence of it so far.
(Thanks Mr Big, Shy, Karenz)


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