Thursday, May 24, 2007

He-Man movie coming soon?

I really hope this is true and they better not mess it this time. A live action He Man and The Masters Of The Universe movie is being developed by Joel Silver and Warner Bros. From SlashFilm:
Well, the increased internet interest has prompted Joel Silver and Warner Bros to sign on to develop He-Man and the Masters of the Universe for the big screen. Variety has confirmed that newcomer Justin Marks (who is currently writing Super Max) is penning the script. But this doesn’t man the film is going to happen. Mattel has to formally approve an outline for the project before it can go forward. But considering the gold and glory Mattel will surely see in July from Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers adaptation, I don’t see how they could say no.

Apparently the project was pitched as a “classic good vs. evil battle” that would use the same digital filming techniques of 300 and Sin City. The project’s logline follows: “A warrior is touted as the last hope of a magical land called Eternia, which is being ravaged by technology and a despotic ruler named Skeletor.”
He-Man is my favourite cartoon back when I was growing up and I really enjoyed the latest cartoon series which came out in 2002 too. I hope the movie tells the story like how the cartoon series did from the beginning, how Prince Adam became He-Man. And if it is done in the style of 300, it will definitely be an awesome movie. Brad Pitt as He-Man? I'll second that!

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Anonymous said...

As long there is no Dolph Lungdren. in it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know leh. Having Prince Adam means either they get some other actor to play He-Man or both characters played by same actor - maybe give him some tan when he transform to He-Man.

Anonymous said...

Btw, the Beginning the first part of the He-Man cartoon in in 2002 is the best episode of He-Man ever.

I will be happy if the writer just steal the script from the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

I am very sure that any He-Man movie will be better than that disaster.

Anonymous said...

Leonardo as Prince Adam and Brad Pitt as he-Man!!!

bidarlah said...

wow...finally, we (as in me & my friends) were talking wat cartoon/ animation shld be updated with a live version. and HE MAN is one on top of the list for me. Childhood heroes leh! haha! so fingercross

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