Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Transformers Movie Fanaticon Contest

The Transformers Movie is having a contest to find the ultimate Transformers fan. From Transformers Fanaticon:
Maybe you have the entire collection of Transformers action figures in a climate-controlled case. Maybe you quote Optimus Prime in everyday conversation. Or maybe you and your friends like to act out scenes from the Transformers cartoons in suits made of aluminum foil and popsicle sticks.

Whatever it is, film it and then submit your video here starting March 26. Our expert judges will review the videos and pick three true Fanaticons on May 14.
Winners get to fly to Industrial Light and Magic studios in Hollywood and watch as they put the finishing touches to the Transformers movie which will be out on July 4! Too bad the contest is only open to residents of US. I was thinking of documenting my day and night dressed up in an Optimus Prime costume. Damn!


Mr Big said...

Hahaha! Why are you touching the area down there?

Myra Leong said...

Is that u in the costume?

GeekGod said...

Man I cannot wait for the 4th of July.

xXx said...

iz: ur caption should be "u can't touch this!"

Johnny Q said...

Movies launched on the American Independence Day usually are reserved for blockbusters.