Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inuka stays in Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has decided to keep its polar bear Inuka in Singapore, reversing its decision made last year to move it to another zoo with a cooler climate. From Reuters:
Executive director Fanny Lai told the paper the zoo was advised to keep Inuka by its Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee, which said moving him after the death of his mother would cause further stress.

Sheba is now 30, past the average life span of 25 years for polar bears in captivity.

"He's a Singapore boy and is well-adjusted to the conditions here," Tommy Koh, a former chairman of the committee, was quoted as saying.
I don't really mind Inuka staying in Singapore but the zoo should let him stay in a bigger and cooler enclosure.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Inuka! The polar bear enclosure at Singapore Zoo is horrible- so small and nothing for the bears to do. The polar bears look so bored there. And they must suffer so much in the heat- especially with their black skin. Imagine walking around Singapore wearing black from head to toe and a fur coat on top- it would be unbearable. Obviously Inuka would be much better off in a temperate climate.