Friday, May 04, 2007

Monkey causes distruption in Pasir Ris

I guess the folks over at Channel NewsAsia do not have much interesting news to report today so this poor monkey has to make the news. From Channel NewsAsia:
A monkey chased a boy near block 608 on Elias Road, in Pasir Ris on Thursday afternoon, causing disruption but no harm.

Police received a call from the boy's mother but added that the monkey was not behaving aggressively and no one was injured.

Another caller told Channel NewsAsia that the monkey had been on the bridge behind block 512.
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ENG said...


Slow news Friday lar.

Anonymous said...

these monkeys r dangerous.. i got chased by a few of them before.. but i agree.. this should not make the news.

Anonymous said...


GeekGod said...

I think Singapore kids nowadays are not one with the nature. Chased by monkey and go tell mother. Then mother call police. What the!!!

Lord Kimbo said...


Anonymous said...

actually the news is out on CNA coz i've been living in Pasir Ris for years and before that estate were there... and have ventured to the jungles there and neva did i saw a monkey! Well i think wat CNA trying to do is to alert some agencies out there to do something about it... cos obviously that monkey was a pet own by sumone however got away... I saw the monkey at the exact bridge and its small and very tame.. im surprise to see the monkey... and even took pictures of it... do look for it in in few days times aite... goin to upload it!