Monday, June 04, 2007

Koreans back ads on blogs

Most internet users in Korea do not mind advertisements on blogs according to a new survey. From The Korea Herald:
According to the survey, 44.3 percent of the respondents were in favor of personal media being used as an avenue for advertisements, on the condition of users' consent. Another 17 percent said the idea is positive if the exposure of the advertisement brings in income to bloggers.

While a majority was in favor of advertisements on personal Web sites, 7.9 percent said they were neither for nor against the idea and the rest, 12.5 percent, said that ads on personal Web sites should be completely banned.
Interesting. I wonder what kind of results we will get if this survey was done in Singapore. I reckon the majority of the Singapore internet users especially those who read a lot of the local blogs are okay with the idea of bloggers putting advertisements on their blogs. Most of the top blogs here (ahem, mine included) have got ads anyway and I'm already starting to see more and more bloggers in Singapore, even the new and not so popular ones doing the same.


mr black said...

im ok wif ads as long as they are not intrusive and do not slow down the the loading time of the blog.

ANG said...

More and more blogs are putting ads but not many of them can make good revenue because these ads need a lot of hits.

Shy said...

Bloggers are publishers so there is nothing wrong for them to make some money while doing what they love.

GeekGod said...

There is a new company offering ads to local blogs called NuffNang.