Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Apple zooms at Macworld Expo

Apple launches its iLife '06, iWork '06 and the new Intel Macs (MacBook Pro and iMac) at Macworld Expo. From Macworld:
Okay, so we “experts” got it half right and half wrong. In addition to the iMac, Apple has finally brought the PowerBook out of the G4 dark ages. Or, wait, has it? I guess Apple has finally put the PowerBook — G4 and all — out of its misery. In its place stands a new laptop with a moniker that could choke a horse, the MacBook Pro. (I guess we’ll all get used to it eventually. I understand the need to get the word Mac into the name of every Mac produced, but… PowerBook was a good name. I’ll miss it.)
Apple fans are already excited with the new Intel powered Macs. Those lucky ones who tested the Intel Macs at Macworld Expo said that they are faster than their predecessors. From CNET:
"Yeah, it's faster," said Gove, 21, after testing a MacBook at Macworld. "It connects really fast and the picture is really clear. When you're running multiple programs on other computers it really slows them down. I had a bunch of applications up and it ran smoothly."
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