Tuesday, January 17, 2006

David Lane

Today on the photoblog: David Lane

Update: Panda told me that the Chinese words in the photo mean dig ear. LOL. I did not know hair saloon offers ear digging service.


Anonymous said...

Some old barber shops in singapore will help clean your ears. Apparently IZ does not go to a barber for his haircut.

Anonymous said...

IZ: it is what we call special service. next time u go to a barber, ask them for special, then he will dig ur ears.

Unknown said...

hey i got attracted to your blog by the deathmatch post... totally funny!!

yeaks... i will never let others to Dig my ears. i rather do it myself :p

Anonymous said...

wa lao eh i go barber all the time n no one there ask me if i want special leh

Anonymous said...

Love the photo IZ.

My chinese ain't that good but I think it says "Pick Ear".

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! my name appears on the update!

shy: ya,i told him that the direct translation is 'Pick Ear',but semantically it means 'Dig Ear'.

btw iz,its a great pic,u know it,coz i complimented u once i saw it,very comtemporary