Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Top make-out spots in NUS

As they say, love is everywhere especially in the university. Funkygrad has a guide to the top 5 make-out spots in National University of Singapore (NUS). They are Kent Ridge Road, the Sports and Recreation Centre shower cubicles, other toilet cubicles in NUS, hall rooms and the rooftop of NUS Central Library. From Funkygrad:
Rooftop of Central Library

Sweat-Before-The-Act: 2/10
Ranked as the top make-out spot, the only sweat before your act is probably due to the climb up a short flight of stairs. Then again, if you can't even climb stairs, are you sure you are able to handle the strenuous activities that follow?

All buses stop by the Central Library. Just climb up the short flight of stairs opposite the main entrance and you reach the rooftop! If you like, cool yourself down in the air-conditioned library first.

Sex-tisfaction Factor: 5/10
Some might find it uncomfortable making out on the cold and hard cement floor. It is recommended that you bring your own mattress. In fact, we have uncovered mattresses and used condoms at the rooftop.

Climax-ability: 10/10
Where else in campus allows you to make out under the stars, with a fantastic view of the harbour as backdrop and cool breeze caressing your face? This is the experience we so yearn for, or your money back.
(Thanks Jimmy)

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Mr Big said...

Give me the hall room anytime!

Anonymous said...

i wish i m a campus girl again

Ju said...

IZ: Hmmm, if I remember correctly you do seem to love making out in toilets last time.

Shy said...

Toilet is fun. I had my fair share of toilet make outs in uni too.

IZ Reloaded said...

Ju: Shhhhhhhsssssshhhhhhh

r'chelle said...

So IZ what and you ...Taka toilet tomorrow? ;oP

xXx said...

I muz go try the NUS toilets one day

Myra Leong said...

argghhh r'chelle you chop IZ already huh

kktong said...

Make out in toilets is way more fun than anything else..there's a sense of suspense and excitement becoz u do not want to make too much noise and attract attention.

There's also something exciting about tight spaces. Hahaha!