Monday, January 16, 2006

Help your kids blog safely

Worried that your kid might be blogging? Here is how parents can help their kids to blog safely. From CBS News:
If your child or teen has a blog, ideally it would be good if he or she told you the blog's Web address so you could monitor what was being posted and be sure your child isn't posting any personal information or anything else that could be harmful. But the truth is that many kids who have blogs are reluctant to tell their parents because they use the blogs to express themselves in ways that they may not want to share with their parents.


Anonymous said...

just like diaries but its online, give that child a break.privacy is impt for emotional space.for emotional balance.

Anonymous said...

I will tell my child. Go ahead. Just don't pose any sexy or naked pics of yourself on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Schools and parents should start teaching kids from young about blogging etiquettes and highlight the dangers.