Sunday, January 08, 2006

Google Yawn

Everyone was waiting anxiously for Google to announce something big at this year's CES. On Friday, Google's Larry Page together with actor/comedian Robin Williams took to the stage for a keynote address. The keynote address was a breath of fresh air thanks to Robin Williams' antics but the announcement of new products by Google was a 'yawn'. That's right. No Google PC. Well, not yet. From PC Mag:
The Google Pack offering is positioned as a way for PC users to get common sets of software for fixing problems and protecting compatibility, free of charge. A one-click download lets you continue working while Google Pack installs the Mozilla Firefox browser, Picasa photo management software, Adobe Reader, Google Earth, and numerous PC protection titles. Google worked with the software providers so that the download includes no dialog boxes asking questions, and does not step on any existing software, Page said.

In other news, Google has forged a partnership with CBS to offer $1.99 downloads of many shows through Google Video. The shows include hit names, such as CSI, Survivor, and Amazing Race, but the deal also extends to making available classic shows, including Star Trek, the Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy. The NBA has also agreed to allow users of Google Video to download any game from Google Video 24 hours after the game finishes. In other Google Video partnerships, Google will start offering ITN historical videos, and music videos from Sony BMG.
Click here for Google Pack.

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panda said...

i will look forward to the parntership,good for the consumer mkt!

ryanlo said...

I think Apple's itunes is far better.

Sir Thomas said...

I too expect something better from Google. Google Pack is so lame. Google PC or Cube does sound interesting. Wonder if will do it soon? Also read that they might be doing something like an Office suite.

Johnny Q said...

I would like a Google OS. Mine (Windows) sux!

Cherilyn said...

johnny q: Switch to Mac! It's already better than Windows.