Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google launches censored Chinese site

One good way to make friends with the Chinese government is to help them censor the internet. That's what Google is doing. It is launching a Chinese search and news site that will censor material deemed objectionable to authorities there. From
" will comply with local Chinese laws and regulations," he said in a statement. "In deciding how best to approach the Chinese--or any--market, we must balance our commitments to satisfy the interest of users, expand access to information, and respond to local conditions."

....The France-based human rights group Reporters Without Borders blasted Google, saying it was taking an immoral position that could not be justified.

"By offering a version without 'subversive' content, Google is making it easier for Chinese officials to filter the Internet themselves. A Web site not listed by search engines has little chance of being found by users," the group said in a statement. "The new Google version means that even if a human rights publication is not blocked by local firewalls, it has no chance of being read in China."

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