Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Superstars and their siblings

Keanu Reeves must be glad that he does not look like his sister! More photographs of superstars such as David Beckham, Sharon Stone, Naomi Campbell, Tom Cruise and their siblings here.

(Thanks Pete Chong)


Bengster said...

If I Keanu I wont bring out my sister to events liao.

finatiq said...

Naomi Campbell's sister looks scary.

Johnny Q said...

Can see that the genes don'tt run through the family for some of these stars.

panda said...

David n Joanne Beckham r cute!
the rest r not bad:
Beyonce ve Solange
Lindsay ve Aliana Lohan
Orlando ve Samantha Bloom
Britney Spears ve Jamie Lynn
Vanessa ve Alysson Paradis>> both babes
Jenny ve Amy McCarthy (both looks plastic)
Hilary ve Haylie Duff >> both babes!

Kemalcan said...

Your link is to a Turkish newspaper. How'd you hear about this?