Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hwang Woo-sook gets a job offer

Shamed South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-sook must be thinking that his world is falling apart. Lost his job, accused of fabricating his human cloning experiment and having to apologise to the world many times. Well, at least someone still believes in him. Clonaid, a US biotech firm is offering him a job! From Digital Chosunilbo:
A press release from the company on Monday said Boisselier has written to Hwang to outline the proposal. Boisselier said she believed Hwang’s discoveries to be original and that groups opposing stem cell research such as the Catholic Church conspired to undermine Hwang by making it appear as though the scientist concocted his data. She said he had become a victim of a conservative anti-scientific faction, according to the press release.
Here is the press release found on Clonaid website. From Clonaid:
It is interesting to do the mental exercise, for just a few seconds, and ask oneself - why would Dr Hwang play with the hope of millions of people who are desperately waiting for stem-cell cure to be available for either themselves or one of their relatives? Why would he declare that he has made these lines, if he wasn't able to do it, knowing that millions are watching him and that he would have to deliver them soon?

In the same way, how can people believe that Clonaid's announcement of a cloned child being born was a hoax while thousands of parents-to-be were and are counting on us? Thankfully these parents didn't trust the media and today many of them had their baby...

We at Clonaid, believe that Dr Hwang has cloned human embryos and has the knowledge to develop stem cell lines.

We also believe that, like Dr.Boisselier, he has been discredited as he wasn't in line with what the political and religious powers of this world wanted regarding the cloning technology. It is easier to discredit someone than to believe in his words when he disturbs the establishment....

Dr. Boisselier has offered Dr. Hwang to collaborate in one of Clonaid's laboratories.
Clonaid was started by a crazy alien cult known as the Raelians. They claimed to have 60,000 members in almost 100 countries. They also said that Clonaid is the first company that had cloned a human being although they have yet to show any prove.

Congrats Hwang Woo-suk and good luck. Accept the job offer. You're in with good company, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

A hoaxer hires a hoaxer. They make a good team.

Anonymous said...

Houellebecq's new book, "La Possibilité d'une île," is all about the Raëliens. I'm half-way through it and didn't realize that until I followed your link (since it's fiction and the cult name is different). Cool.

Candyfeehily said...

hey you never know what lies beneath... maybe maybe they disguisted as hoax to cover the terrible truth: humans have been cloned and modified.

you people never know... until the day mutants take over the world. muwahahah muwahahah muwahahah~

damn, thats good. i need to write a comic starting like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Dr Woo-Sook. The Raelians want him. Good luck indeed.

Curiousshyguy said...

Many new ideas in the world are so confusing. I do believe that lying at first to gain attention could be a way just to make himself known. Although it has led to lots of dissappointment. Mr.Woo Sook Hwang may have the balls to lied to the world but does he have the balls to play God? Is cloning right or wrong? I don't know and I only hope that whatever the future holds for the Clonaids isn't bad. Good Luck to you Woo Sook Hwang