Thursday, January 12, 2006

No Wikipedia in China

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales says that one of the reasons for him starting Wikipedia is to encourage thousands of people all over the world, from all cultures, working together in harmony to freely share clear, factual, unbiased information. Well, looks like he has to do without the people living in China. China has banned the popular online encylopedia for more than 10 weeks. This has frustrated many Chinese students and intellectuals. From The Globe And Mail:
Wikipedia, which offers more than 2.2 million articles in 100 languages, has emerged as an important source of scholarly knowledge in China and many other countries. But its stubborn neutrality and independence on political issues such as Tibet and Taiwan has repeatedly drawn the wrath of the Communist authorities...

Others said the blocking of Wikipedia has been a major blow to their research projects and even to their prospects of passing civil-service exams. "How can I do my thesis now?" a university student asked on another Chinese website.

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