Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google Pizza Ambassador

I envy American university students because they get to work in some of the world's best companies there such as Google. If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student in computer science or related field, you can sign up for Google's Pizza Program to be a Google Pizza Ambassador. Your job will be to order Pizza for your peers. From Google:
The Google Pizza Program rewards hard-working engineering students by allowing them to take a study break on Google. Google ambassadors identify opportunities to order pizza for their computer science peers, most often around project deadlines or exams. The pizza ambassadors are Google's main point of contact, and responsible for making the Google Pizza Program successful at their university.
I heard it helps if you love pizza.


Anonymous said...

Study so hard to enter university only to become a pizza boy for Google.

Anonymous said...

That shows how powerful and influential Google has become.

Anonymous said...

what a nice job title!