Monday, January 23, 2006

Google is top brand

Brandchannel has announced the top brands of 2005. Google takes the top spot in the global category. Second place goes to Apple while Skype takes third place. What's interesting is that for the US category, Apple beats Google as the top brand there. From Brandchannel:
Apple loses the battle for world dominance this year in our Global results but soundly beats Google at home. Similar to the Global contest, the two have shared top five distinction in the US & Canada results for the last four years.

Scooping third place, Starbucks continues to waft through our world. We asked readers to choose those brands that had the most impact on them in 2005; Starbucks is for many a daily ritual, made more noteworthy by the cost and experience of choosing this retailer over the corner street vendor.
For the Asia-Pacific category, Sony, Toyota and Samsung take the first, second and third spot respectively.

(Thanks ST)


Anonymous said...

You can see it's a close fight between Google and Apple for the Global category. I would say Apple's brand is more powerful considering they have been around far more longer than Google and Apple products are immersed in our lifestyle. Google is only on the internet.

Anonymous said...

But Google doesn't market much as compared to Apple. We see lots of Apple ads but I don't think I have seen any of Google's.

Anonymous said...

Apple definitely spend more on its advertising and marketing budget than Google.