Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sonar killing whales and dolphins

An investigation by a UK newspaper, The Independent revealed that sonar from naval ships are killing thousands of dolphins and whales including Gonzo recently. From The Independant:
Experts believe that the whale's senses could have been damaged by military sonar. Some 30 strandings and deaths of whales around the world - from Tasmania to North America - have been linked to its use. The United Nations and other international bodies have warned that it is a major threat to the animals.

The investigation has also revealed that - in a separate, but deeply embarrassing development - the Government faces being hauled before the European Court for failing to take enough care of the whales and dolphins around Britain's shores.
This is a shocking example showing how we have played a major part in the killing of other species. I understand that a country has to protect its shores from possible attacks by enemy countries but there also needs to be a balance between protecting a country and protecting the wildlife that is living in the oceans surrounding it. Governments have to take care of the wildlife as much as they take care of their people.

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