Thursday, January 05, 2006


For those of you who 'self-service', this baboon will show that you are not alone. Watch this short Google video of a baboon doing what he does best in his spare time.

Here's another interesting fact about baboons. Female baboons ( I call them baboobs!) will moan, groan and cry longer and livelier when having sex with a high ranking male. From New Scientist:

One possible explanation for the baboon behaviour is that the female is trying to avoid being harassed by other potential suitors while she is mating with a choice male, says lead researcher Stuart Semple of the Institute of Zoology in London.

However, the reason for the spirited shouting may be purely physical. The females could simply be more stimulated by larger, dominant males, says Semple.
Larger and more dominant males = more stimulation. Hehe. That makes sense.

For real life baboon sex and masturbation, head down to the Singapore Zoo's Hamadryas Baboons exhibit. I heard it's pretty happening there.

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Anonymous said...

Oh god!!! This is highly enlightening!

Anonymous said...

>the females could simply be more stimulated by larger, dominant males, says Semple.


Anonymous said...

t pauline: To the baboons yes, because their sex techniques are all the same. Bang from behind.

for us humans, it's more in the technique. there are more variety to our sex play. more skill involved.

Anonymous said...

Bigger and more domineering is good!

Anonymous said...

alike we some ways

Anonymous said...

lord kimbo: Still, it helps if the guy is bigger. HA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

IZ and his fascination with wild sex.


Btw, bigger doesn't mean better but I believe it helps. You still need to be good in bed.

Anonymous said...

baboobs!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

IZ is right. you can see the baboons doing it at our zoo.

i rem when i first saw the exhibit i was shocked to see a lot of them having sex.

they are exhibitionists.

Anonymous said...

I did not know animals masturbate.

Anonymous said...

masturbation is important in d animal kingdom because not all animals get to have sex often.