Monday, June 04, 2007

Dunkin' Donuts in Singapore!

Dunkin' Donuts may have shut down years ago in Singapore but you can still buy their donuts thanks to this website. Just place your order online, wait for a confirmation call and then collect your Dunkin' Donuts at City Hall MRT or Marymount Road on Sundays. I'm not sure where they get their Dunkin' Donuts from but I reckon it has got to be from Johor Bahru. Where else aye!

(Photo taken by Sidereal)

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lancerlord said...

Got any Krispy Kreme lobang or not? :)

Anonymous said...

eh but seriously, have you ordered from the site? I tried my hands at it..but somehow..the confirmation page went to a feedback form link or something...a bit dodgy.

As for KK, am just hoping for good samaritans of frens travelling to HK, Melbourne, and Jakarta!

They got 3 in Jakarta..and yes I'm still having withdrawal syndromes! I want my apple Krispy Kremes!

Phantasma said...

No Dunkin Donuts in Singapore? You know, I think there's just too many in KL. I see it in every shopping complex.

MochaMaster said...

I just ordered 2 boxes yesterday, but will only collect next Sunday 24th June : (

Wish they have a store here, I miss their Iced Mocha Swirl Latte : D