Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm on John Bell's blog!

My brand ambassador and sponsorship deal with streetwear firm San Street, the distributor of Extreme and Action Ladfigure Inc here in Singapore, has now been covered by John Bell whom I've been told by Melvin, is the head of global 360° Digital Influence team at Ogilvy PR in the US. Awesome! From Digital Influence Mapping Project:
Rohit has been talking about the idea of miscrosponsorship: having a single, dedicated sponsor and even creating an exchange to match bloggers with sponsors. It is already happening on an individual basis. You see that on Strumpette's blog with her dedicated ads for italiaserv or the lingerie company. But a lot of folks are talking about this including Hugh MacLeod.

Now there's a great example of this as reported by Melvin Yaun out of Singapore. Local lifestyle blogger, I.Z. of IZ Reloaded, has been selected as brand ambassador by the local clothing company San Street...

IZ already features a banner at the top of his site (I hope they improve a bit on that. the boldness of Strumpette's banners is what you are after) and he is blogging about them. he's clear and transparent, which is great.
And he calls me Singapore's lifestyle blogger! Hehe... I like the sound of that. Alrighty, you people go send him some love aye.

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Eileen said...

What is Strumpette's banners ? Why didn't he just link to you direct instead of going through Melvin