Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buddhist monks want help to deal with ant problem

Buddhist monks in a temple in Penang, Malaysia have an ant problem. They say that fire ants are biting people praying in the temple. Buddhists are not allowed to kill any living things so they are asking other people to help do the killing instead, calling it "the will of the universe". From BBC:
But the ants are dropping from the temple's sacred bodhi tree onto people meditating below - and when they bite it causes painful swelling.

The Venerable Boon Keng practises what he calls "letting go" meditation - so he "lets go" of the pain.

But out of consideration for worshippers less far along the path to enlightenment the monks are looking for ways to persuade the ants to go.

An attempt to remove them using a vacuum cleaner failed, so the Buddhist community is appealing for help.

They cannot encourage anyone to harm the ants, but the chief monk says that if someone turns up unbidden and deals with them without the monks' involvement then that is the will of the universe.
So, if any of you reading this are in Penang right now, do visit the temple and help these monks out aye. But make sure you show up uninvited and do not tell the monks what you plan to do or get them involved. Or else it won't be the will of the universe anymore.


Anonymous said...

Very good these monks. They can't kill the ants so they ask others. Tsk.

Anonymous said...

they should use anteaters. maybe borrow one from the malaysian zoo.

Anonymous said...

The will of the universe!


Anonymous said...

Anteaters are a perfect solution!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has plenty of anteaters.