Monday, March 05, 2007

Sex will make women feel sexier

Need to feel sexy? Just have sex! New findings reveal that women feel more sexually attractive the next day after they had sex thanks to increased testosterone levels. From Discovery:
Van Anders, a researcher in the Department of Psychology at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, and her team conducted two separate studies. Both have been accepted for publication in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

The first examined how cuddling, intercourse and exercise affected testosterone in 49 women before and after these activities. "After" included directly following sex as well as the next morning, when the test subjects also answered a questionnaire that included questions about orgasms, levels of sexual desire and feelings of sexual attractiveness.

Exercise was included as a control in the study, since physical activity itself can alter a person’s biochemistry.

Overall, the test subjects experienced higher levels of testosterone just before and after cuddling and intercourse, with the greatest rises being associated with copulation. The higher the testosterone rise was, the greater the likelihood was that the woman experienced an orgasm and felt more sexually attractive the next day.


Anonymous said...

Time to start feeling sexy again.


Anonymous said...

no wonder i feel so not sexy nowadays

Anonymous said...

Sex is good! Sex is good!

Tatiana said...

Well yeah! It's that groovy swing of the hips and the mystery that creeps into your smile. Sex is no commodity! The more you have, the more you have.

Anonymous said...

Me too!