Thursday, March 22, 2007

Malaysian DVD pirates want sniffer dogs dead

Somewhere in an undisclosed location in Malaysia, a group of men are talking...

Man A: Die lah. Die lah. It's all gone.

Man B: How boss? All our pirated DVDs kena raid in Johor.

Man A: Ya. $3 million worth! Haiz.

Boss: How is this possible? I thought I told you all to handle this with care. How come kena raid in the end huh?

Man B: Boss, not our fault lah. The police use the bloody dogs.

Boss: What? Nowadays dogs can sniff pirated DVDs?

Man B: Ya lah. The two dogs are given a month's trial by the police working together with those big f#^%$*rs at the Motion Picture Association. The dogs are trained to sniff out plastic. If not because of the dogs, surely we won't be caught.

Boss: Enough! That's it. Tell the rest of the syndicate. I want their heads.

Man A: What boss?

Boss: Kill the dogs! That's an order. We must have our revenge.


Anonymous said...


u shld act this one out.

Anonymous said...

The New Straits Times said syndicate bosses had offered an unspecified reward for the killing of the two dogs.

"As a result of the extent of loss to the pirate syndicate, we have information from the domestic trade ministry that the Johor syndicate is intent on killing Lucky and Flo," said Neil Gane, an official of the Motion Picture Association.

"The Malaysian authorities are taking this threat seriously and the security around the dogs' current location has been beefed up," he told Reuters.


I wonder how much is the reward.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! They can't be serious. Ordering a hit job on two black labradors named Lucky and Flo. That should be real easy.


Anonymous said...

Everybody in Malaysia with black labradors better keep their dogs safe. You never know there could be cases of mistaken identity.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. There goes my weekly dvd acquisition.

Anonymous said...


primus: yup, i agree with you, IZ should act it out hey!! :D

eng: They can't be serious. Well, couldn't they?

Anonymous said...

Poor dogs. They are just doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

too bad the dogs cant sniff out the good movies from the lousy ones.

Anonymous said...

pirated dvd syndicate 0 - sniffer dogs 1

Anonymous said...

poor poor doggies.