Thursday, March 15, 2007

Singapore suspends Lasik surgery

Life's not looking that great at all for some Lasik patients in Singapore. These patients (17 of them) are all suffering from Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis inflammation following treatments at the Singapore National Eye Center. The center which has a track record of more than 32,000 successful surgeries since 1992, has now decided to suspend all Lasik surgeries until the end of the month to find out the cause of the inflammation according to a report by Reuters.

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Anonymous said...

DLK is one of the risks of LASIK surgery and the bad thing is that no one really knows how a patient can contract DLK.

Anonymous said...

i hope they find out the cause soon because i'm keen to do lasik.

Anonymous said...

Not much info given by SNEC. Their website is also so outdated.

Anonymous said...

"Treatment is normally topical and oral medication. Sometimes it is necessary to lift the flap, remove some of the infiltrates, irrigate the area, and reposition the flap. Quick diagnosis and treatment is a must Something important to remember is that DLK can occur months, even years, after surgery if there is sufficient trauma or disruption to the Lasik flap. If you ever have trauma to the eye after having Lasik, it is always good to be evaluated by a refractive surgeon."

Something for all Lasik patients to take note of.

Anonymous said...

Try out NeuroVision. Only for low myopia and those who still cant see clearly and sharply after their Lasik surgery.

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Anonymous said...

My eyes are too precious to go under any type of surgery.

I will do it if I really have to.

Vijay Eswaran said...

It's very sad that many medical practitioners rushed to cash in on the demand for LASIK, and in most cases failed to advise about the risks.

Infact, it was reported in the Straits Times that Dr. Jerry Tan, a well known opthalmologist, had to do repair jobs for a couple of patients.

Fortunately, non-profit sites like LASIK Surgery Singapore have recently popped up to create awareness and educate the public about the risks.