Thursday, March 22, 2007

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day! This year's theme is "Coping with Water Scarcity". From World Water Day:
Why is the theme of World Water Day 2007 “Coping with water scarcity”?

Water use has been growing at more than the rate twice of population increase in the last century, and an increasing number of regions are chronically short of water. By 2025, 1 800 million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under stress conditions. As population continues to grow, and increasingly relies on water for its development, the crisis is reaching global dimensions and requires action at all levels to address the problem. This is why UN-Water has identified the theme “Coping with water scarcity” as one of its priorities for the decade “Water for life 2005-2015. World Water Day 2007 is an opportunity to reflect on the subject, and promote active participation by everybody in addressing this global challenge.

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Pradeep Nair said...

There is so much shortage of water, yet we take availability of water for granted. There is a lot we individually can do, like not wasting water. In an incrimental manner such individual efforts make an impact. Is it not?