Saturday, March 31, 2007

Singapore is Number 3 in 2006 Networked Readiness Survey

Singapore has dropped one place to third in a survey conducted last year to find out how well countries leverage information and communications technology (ICT) to drive economic growth. Singapore is the sole representative of Asia in the top 10. Check out the interactive table that accompanies the story. From Business Week:
The sixth annual Global Information Technology Report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva compares 122 countries on dozens of criteria, from Internet penetration to educational attainment to availability of venture capital. Of the top 10 countries in the 2006 survey, eight are in Northern Europe and half are Nordic. Singapore and the U.S. round out the list, but the shocker is that the U.S. fell six rungs, from No. 1 in 2005, due to a "relative deterioration of the political and regulatory environment," according the WEF.

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