Donut Factory @ Raffles City

I've always wanted to try out the donuts from Donut Factory located at Raffles City. Since its opening, the shop has become famous for its delicious donuts and extremely long queues.


I decided to head down to Donut Factory few days ago. I reached there at 10am. I thought I could try to beat the queue by going there real early but to my surprise, there was already a handful of people queuing and the shop wasn't even opened! Only later, some found out that the shop would only start selling donuts at 12.30pm. Argh! But people continue to queue up nonetheless.



I had no choice but to do the same because the queue was getting longer. By 11am, I counted at least 40 people in the queue and it was growing... fast!


When the shop finally opened, there was still the wait for your turn to place your orders. It was still agonizing. The line wasn't moving as fast as I thought it would. I only managed to buy my donuts at around 12.50pm. I bought a set of 6 which includes 1 Peanut Dark Chocolate, 1 Hazelnut Milk Chocolate, 1 Orange White Chocolate, 2 White Strawberry Heart and 1 Apple Cinnamon.


So is it worth the wait? I hate to queue especially for food and I can't believe that I actually queued for more than 2 hours for a bunch of donuts. But yes, it's worth it. The donuts at Donut Factory are definitely not Krispy Kreme but they are probably the best you can find in Singapore.

The White Strawberry Heart is definitely my favourite among the donuts that I bought. I wanted to get the Double Chocolate (dark chocolate filling) but they ran out of stock since it's the most popular of the donuts there. I was told that I had to wait another 10 minutes for it. I couldn't because I had to rush for a meeting. What a waste. Oh well, maybe next time.


Here are some tips for those of you who would like to brave the wait for these delicious donuts:

1) Go there early. 11 am should be fine.
2) Best if you have a friend along so that you can waste time chit-chatting away.
3) Bring along your iPod or PSP.
4) Read a book or newspaper.
5) Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.
6) And lastly, don't be shy to sit down on the floor. I did. Tired duh!

(Photos taken with the beautiful LG Shine mobile phone. Read all my posts about it here.)


Unknown said…
Wow! Looks like I must go and check this out especially since its quite near my office. However, I don't think I can queue that long though. The donuts look yummy.... drool ;p~~~
Anonymous said…
There is another donut parlour in Vivo City. Long queue also can be seen.

Vinco Donuts
Anonymous said…
IZ: Didn't buy some for me? ;o(
Anonymous said…
Looks like a fad. Let's see how long they can command that kind of queues.
Anonymous said…
Ha, a fellow Donut Factory Queue-er! I queued for 3 hrs and got 2 boxes of 12s I think. But did not get any of the cheese ones. A one off event for me though. Definitely no Krispy Kreme I agree, and the queue, in retrospect, was not really worth it. Loved the hazelnut choc as well as the strawberry white choc ones. But I wore comfy shoes, was armed with my iPod Nano and finished reading a book while queuing! Also, you can add "must possess a thick hide" to your list of must-haves. Lotsa of ppl, esp tourists, wondering what the queue was about. :)
Anonymous said…
Wah got some chiobus waiting there!
Anonymous said…
I think there will be more such donut shops opening over the next few months.
Anonymous said…
I want Krispy Kreme!
Anonymous said…
Hey IZ! I did not know that you were there. I'm one of the girls that was on your pic!!!

P.S. Check your email! ;o)
Anonymous said…
IZ - queue?

Ha! I must be dreaming.
Anonymous said…
Too bad they don't do deliveries.
Anonymous said…
IZ: so which lucky girl did you buy the donuts for?
Anonymous said…
their donuts not that fantastic
Isabell Tay said…
Gosh... such patience!

I get mine delivered instead. :P
Sarah said…
omg! that looks sooo tasty! tell them to open shop in kl. sure lots of ppl will buy one. i want one now >.<
Truly Us said…
IZ - how come you did not bring donuts to amy's dinner? :P..first no kit kats, now no donuts..terrible!!! should not have shared my rare japanese mochi with you :D
Anonymous said…
agree with geekgod! nothing beats krispy kreme!

Just got back from Jakarta, they had 3 stores there but still, the queue was long (was at the senayan city branch) but they were fast and it was worth it especially since they had the "buy a dozen and get another dozen for free" promo.

when is krispy kreme coming here? am having withdrawal syndromes now! argh!
Anonymous said…
Last time Roti Boy oso l-o-n-g where?
Anonymous said…
there's one at novena square
Anonymous said…
Loved the raspberry filled dark chocolate donuts the first time I tried it, which was only recently since there are hardly any queues outside of lunch time nowadays. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi. I haven't tried Donut Factory donuts but I think Krispy Kremes are overrated. It's like eating pure sugar. I think Big Apple donuts are still the best. I've tasted J.Co as well but it's just as sweet. I think Big Apple not only has the right level of sweetness, and its dough is also more tender.

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