Saturday, March 03, 2007

Watch the setting total lunar eclipse

There will be a total lunar eclipse early Sunday morning (Singapore time). The eclipse will be partly visible from every continent around the world.

Here in Singapore, we get to see the moon set during parts of the eclipse. Partial eclipse begins at 5.30 am while totality will start at 6.44 am. The greatest eclipse is at 7.20 am which unfortunately by this time, the moon will already set in the western sky. For more of the eclipse timings, click here. North American observers can click here.

Watching a total lunar eclipse is very easy. Unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse can be safely viewed with the naked eye without any protection. Do look out for the colours of the moon during totality. It ranges from dark brown and red to bright orange and yellow depending on how much dust is present in Earth's atmosphere. And because the moon will be setting when totality begins for those of us living in Eastern Asia (China, South East Asia, etc), this provides a good scenic opportunity for photographers too. So do remember to wake up early on Sunday. Grab your camera and enjoy the eclipse.

Total lunar eclipse photo above by astroferg.

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